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The O’Connor Brothers

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It was just a week after the new school year started and as usual the O’Connor brothers were already in trouble.

While the other students had already been studying hard, the O’Connor brothers had already turned up late for class twice and hadn’t done their homework.

So, when they turned up late again on Friday morning, their teacher asked them what their excuse was this time.

Kevin O’Connor quickly answered her with, “please Miss, our neighbour had a flat tire and we helped him to fix it”.

“I see”, the teacher said.

She thought for a minute, then said, “Well, I am really sorry that you missed the test, but that’s all right, you can both make up for it now”.

With that, she directed the boys to sit as far apart as possible in the classroom.

“Now then”, the teacher said, “here is your first question. Which tyre was flat?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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