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The Nursing Home

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Albert was getting old, and sadly the time had come for him to be put into a nursing home, as his children, who were all grown up, could no longer care for him.

They all had careers, and busy lives, and several now also had children of their own.

Poor old Albert had been struggling to take care of himself for a while, and even though they were able to get a nurse to come in once a day, that really wasn’t enough.

So, with heavy hearts, they all realised that the time had come for Albert to be in a place where he could get the constant care that he needed.

A week after Albert had been admitted to the nursing home, the children went to visit their father to see how he was getting along.

During the visit, their father leaned to the right, and a nurse quickly came over and propped him up with a pillow.

A little while later, he leaned to the left, and again a nurse came and propped him up with another pillow.

Albert’s children were amazed at how attentive the home seemed to be, and questioned their father on how he liked it there.

He responded, “I’ve been treated really well. The food is good, I get bather regularly, but I have got to tell you one thing…. they sure don’t want you to fart in here!”

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