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The New Preacher’s Sermon

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: new preacher had been assigned to the church and the entire congregation came out to hear his first sermon.

They were most surprised and somewhat disappointed to find that it lasted for a mere eight minutes.

The next Sunday, however, the preacher’s sermon was forty five minutes.

His third sermon though lasted a whole two and a half hours!

The pulpit committe decided to call the preacher in and asked him, “What’s happening here? Your first sermon was incredibly short, your next was a little on the long side, but your last one had half the congregation crossing their legs, it was that long!”

The preacher replied, “Well to tell the truth, on the first Sunday all of my teeth had just been pulled. My mouth was sore, and as a result my sermon was really short”.

He continued, “The next week, I had my new dentures and I was feeling fine, so I was able to give my normal sermon”.

The committe leader said, “But how do you explain your third sermon which was two and a half hours long?”

“Oh yes”, the preacher responded. “The third week, I picked up my wifes dentures by mistake and I just couldn’t stop talking?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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