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The New Patent

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:,_1869-1884_(1869)_(14570302587).jpgAn inventor goes along to the Patent Office with some of the latest designs that he has been working on, with a view to getting patents issued for them.

He said to the clerk, “I would like to register my new invention, it’s a folding bottle.”

“A folding bottle” replied the clerk in a surprised manner, “What do you call it?”

“A fottle” the inventor replied.

The clerk questioned him: “A fottle?”

“That’s right” said the inventor.

“That’s a stupid name. Can you think of something else?” said the clerk.

“Well, I can think about it I suppose” said the inventor.

“I do have something else though” said the inventor, “It’s a folding carton.”

“And what do you call that?” asked the clerk.

“A farton” replied the inventor.

“That’s rude! You can’t possibly call it that” replied the clerk, starting to get just a little frustrated with the man and his inventions.

“Oh dear” said the inventor, “that’s a real pity, because you are really going to hate my next invention”.

“What is it?” asked the clerk.

“The inventory replied: “it’s a folding bucket!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:,_1869-1884_(1869)_(14570302587).jpg

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