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The Natural Foods Store

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Susan had been feeling poorly with the flu earlier in the month and had sent her husband out shopping for groceries at her local natural foods store.

Susan had given him a carefully prepared shopping list, which contained the items she required to maintain the strict diet the doctor had put her husband on. The diet consisted of just healthy natural foods, all organically grown where possible.

The diet, together with the prescribed exercise the doctor recommended, they hoped would help lower his cholesterol and blood pressure naturally, without the need for drugs and their side effects.

Her husband returned from the natural foods store and Susan began unpacking the bags, putting the contents on the kitchen counter.

There were Brussels sprouts, organically grown tomatoes, free range eggs, wild rice, tofu, veggie burgers and a bag of sugar cookies!

Her husband became the object of Susan’s glare when she pulled out the bag of sugar cookies.

So he said, defensively “Sweetheart, that bag of cookies has one third less sugar and fat!”

“Really? Why is that?” Susan replied, as she began looking for the list of ingredients.

Her husband’s face began turning a little red, as he mumbled, “Well I guess it’s because I ate a third of them on the way home”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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