The Mugabe Touch

The Pope, George Bush and Robert Mugabe (Dictator of Zimbabwe) were in a boat on Lake Kariba one day when it sprang a leak.

The problem was that there was only one life-jacket in the boat.

“I guess, I’ll have to take it,” said George Bush arrogantly, with an eloquence not normally associated with him. “After all, I’m the leader of the free world.”

“Not so fast,” said the Pope. “As head of the spiritual world, I ought to have the life jacket”

“I disagree,” said Mugabe. “You are in Zimbabwean territory, therefore the life-jacket belongs to me.”

They continued arguing as the water rose up above their feet, their ankles and their knees.

As the water was coming up to their stomachs, they decided that the only fair way to settle the matter was to hold a democratic ballot.

Mugabe won, 12 votes to 2.

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