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The Man And The Frog

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If you are in the mood for a truly terrible golf joke, we have one here for you. This is a story about the man and the frog. We hope you enjoy it and yes of course, please do share our jokes pages to help someone else laugh – or groan. We don’t care, just spread the word.

A man was playing a round of golf and was standing in the middle of the fairway, about 140 yards out from the hole, debating what club to use from that position, when suddenly he heard a frog whisper from the rough, “Use an 8-iron”.

The golfer, who was deep in concentration at the time, instinctively pulled out his 8-iron and hit the shot.

The ball went flying through the air, landed on the green and rolled right into the cup for an eagle.

“Now take me to Las Vegas”, said the frog.

“What?” said the startled golfer, suddenly realizing it was a talking frog that he could hear.

“You heard me”, repeated the frog, “Take me to Las Vegas. I’m obviously a lucky frog and together we will make a bundle!”

So, the man picked up the frog, went home and packed his bags and they flew out to Las Vegas.

In the casino, the frog whispered to him from his jacket pocket, “Go to the dice table and bet everything on the pass line”.

The man did as the frog asked.

The shooter rolled a seven, and the man with the frog won $100,000.

Then the man took the frog upstairs to his hotel room and the frog said, “Kiss me”.

An unusual request the man thought, but since the frog had been so lucky for him, he gave it a big kiss, upon which the frog turned into the most beautiful girl you have ever seen.

She had deep brown eyes, blond hair, a beautiful smile, a perfect body and she was just 16 years old.

“And I swear, Your Honor, that’s exactly how she got in my room”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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