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The Last Extraction Of The Day

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Right before the last extraction of the day was about to begin, the dentist realised that he had ran out of anaesthetic.

He debated what to do, as he didn’t want to cancel the patient’s appointment, the poor man had been suffering with severe toothache for several days.

Having decided on a plan, he gave the nurse a very large needle, instructing her to jab it hard into the patient’s buttocks when he gave her a signal, so it would take his attention away from the pain of the tooth extraction.

Surprisingly, everything happened in an instant.

The nurse, patient, and pliers were in place. The signal was given and the nurse bayoneted the patient with the needle just as the dentist yanked the offending tooth out.

Afterwards, the dentist asked the patient if the extraction hurt much.

The patient responded, “Well, I didn’t hardly feel it come out, but man those roots must have been really deep!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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