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The King’s Daughter

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This is a short story about the King’s daughter.

Once upon a time, a King had a daughter. She was in her teens, just turned 18 and although you shouldn’t really say such things about a princess, she was drop dead gorgeous.

Princess Azura had long fair hair, big blue eyes, a perfect mouth and a smile that would melt the heart of anyone who looked at her. She was tall and curvy with perfect breasts, not too large and not too small and long shapely legs that seemed to go on for ever.

Obviously the King was looking to find her a husband, but despite her dazzling beauty and charm, Princess Azura did have one flaw, she suffered from flatulence, the worse kind of flatulence that you can imagine.

When she farted, which was often at the most innoportune moments, they were loud enough to wake the dead, but also deadly enough to knock them out again. It was a real problem and the King was desperate to find a solution for her problem.

Now, unknown to the King and his lovely daughter, a couple of kingdoms away lived a handsome prince named Valentine.

Valentine was one of those young men who had an eye for the ladies and when he smiled at them he almost always got a smile back. He had a way with women and at the tender age of 21 already had some experience with them, but what he most desired was to get married to our princess Azura, having seen her photograph in a magazine.

He dreamed about her day and night, couldn’t get her out of his mind, and he longed to hold her in his arms and do unspeakable things to her. Well I’m sure you can imagine what he was thinking, but here they shall remain unspeakable as it’s a humour site not a porn site of course.

But just like our lovely princess Azura, prince Valentine also had a problem, he was only four foot tall. So when he dreamed about himself with princess Azura, he allowed his imagination to run wild and run wild it surely did.

However, he had no inkling about her handicap, otherwise his attitude might have changed somewhat, especially being just four foot tall and her a leggy full six feet! It’s hard to imagine whether he might survive one of her ripsnorters, especially if he was right next to her at the time.

But fate had dictated that they grew up hundreds of miles from each other, a situation that was about to change, but not today.

Fate, in the form of time running out, has decreed that this story end here, unless you will it to continue.

So how are we doing? What’s your opinion on the story so far? In what direction do you think it should go, or not at all? Should I continue or just cut my losses now? Would you like to write the next chapter?

You don’t need to write your answers on a postcard, just scroll down the page to the Comment form and send us some feedback. We would love to hear from you.

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