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The Joys Of Camping

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Oh the joys of camping, taking the family on vacation and living in a tent for a few days. Camping can be a truly wonderful experience, but then again, maybe not.

My wife and I were sitting outside our tent at the campsite one evening, when a fully loaded mini van pulled in to the vacant slot next to ours.

As soon as the minivan came to a halt and the driver turned the engine off, four children leaped from the vehicle, and they began feverishly unloading gear and setting up the tent.

The boys rushed to gather firewood, while the girls and their mother set up the camp stove and cooking utensils.

Quite amazed, I went over to the children’s father and said, “That, sir, is some display of teamwork.”

The father replied, “Yes it is, isn’t it. I have a system, a system that works every time. No one goes to the bathroom until the camp is set up”.

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