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The Jewish Lawyer And The Rabbi

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A Jewish lawyer was troubled by the way that his son had turned out, so he went to see his Rabbi to consult him about the matter.

“I brought him up in the faith. I gave him a very expensive bar mitzvah. It cost me a fortune to educate him. Then he tells me last week he has decided to be a Christian. Rabbi, where did I go wrong?”

“Funny you should come to me”, said the Rabbi. “Like you, I too brought my boy up in the faith. I put him through University, which cost me a fortune. Then, one day he comes and tells me he has decided to become a Christian.”

“What did you do?” asked the lawyer.

“I turned to God for the answer”, replied the Rabbi.

“And what did he say?” the lawyer asked, hoping for an inspirational response.

“You want to know what God said?” the Rabbi replied. He said, “Funny you should come to me…”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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