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The Israeli Mummy

Image used under a Collective Commons License from archaeologist was digging in the Negev Desert in Israel, when he came upon a casket that contained a mummy.

Now, since this was a rather rare occurrence in Israel, to say the least, having examining the mummy, he called the curator of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

“I have just discovered the 3,000 year old mummy of a man who died of heart failure”, the excited archaeologist exclaimed.

The curator replied, “Bring the mummy in to the museum and we will examine it”.

A week later, the amazed curator called the archaeologist.

“You were right, about both the mummy’s age and cause of death”, the museum curator said, “but how in the world did you know?”

“It was a simple deduction”, the archaeologist replied, “There was a piece of paper in the mummy’s hand that read, 10,000 Shekels on Goliath”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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