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The Irish Perception Of Time

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One thing that never ceases to surprise me is the Irish perception of time. If you want a good example of what this is, read on…

The bus stopped at the bus stop and a Dubliner got on board.

He asked the driver how long the trip was between Limerick and Cork.

“It’s about two hours,” the driver told him.

“Thank you sir,” the Dubliner said.

He stood there and thought for a minute, then asked the driver, “Well then how long is the trip between Cork and Limerick?”

The driver was by now now a little frustrated with the Dubliner as a queue of people waiting to board the bus was building up behind him.

The bus driver replied, “It’s still about 2 hours. Why do you think there would be a difference?”

“Well”, the Dubliner said, using the gift of Irish logic, “It’s only a week between Christmas and New Year, but it’s an awful lot longer than that between New Year and Christmas!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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