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The High School Prom

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The high school prom was just weeks away and Tommy was really looking forward to taking Samantha, one of the hottest seniors at the school, to the prom.

He had been wanting to ask her out on a date for ages and the high school prom was the perfect opportunity to pop the question. He was over the moon when she agreed to accompany him to the prom as his date.

Tommy had a list of the things that he needed to do to prepare for the prom and the first thing on the list was to rent a tux.

So he went to a menswear store that rented tuxes, only to find there was a long line at the shop and it took forever for the tux line to move forward.

But fortunately he got served and they still had some tuxes in his size so he managed to get one ordered for his prom night.

The next item on the list was to get some flowers for his prom date, so Tommy headed over to a florist which was fortunately just a few blocks from the menswear store.

When he got to the florist, to his frustration there was a huge line there as well. So Tommy waited for what seemed like forever to get to the head of the floeist line, but eventually managed to order flowers for his prom date.

The last item on his list was to rent a limousine to take him and his date to the high school prom.

As you might expect, given the way this story is going, there was another long line at the limousine rental office.

But hey, Tommy was really looking forward to taking his hot date to the prom, so he waited patiently in the limo line and right before closing time, he managed to arrange a limo for prom night.

Finally, it was the day of the high school prom.

The doorbell rang and Tommy answered the door to see his girl standing there wearing a stunning prom dress and she looked absolutely amazing.

She said that Tommy looked amazing too in his tux, so everything was going according to plan.

He invited her into his parents house and gave her the flowers that he had bought and she loved them.

A few minutes later, the limo that Tommy had booked arrived and took them to the prom.

The evening was going really well, the two of them were dancing happily and his girlfriend was having a great time.

When the song ended, she asked him to get her some punch, so Tommy headed over to the punch table.

He could not believe what he saw, there was no punch line.

You know what? This story has no punchline either! Sucker!

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Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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