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The First Woman President

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Let’s take a visionary look at the near future of US politics with the election of the first woman president.

So the year is 2024 and the United States of America has recently elected the first woman president as well as the first Jewish president, Susan Goldberg.

The president called up her mother a few weeks after election day and the conversation went something like this:

“So, Mom, I assume you will be coming to my inauguration?”

“I don’t think so dear. It’s a ten hour drive, your father isn’t as young as he used to be and my gout is acting up again”.

“Don’t worry about it, Mom, I’ll send Air Force One to pick you up and take you home. And a limousine will also be there to pick you up at your door”.

“I don’t know. Everybody will be so fancy-schmantzy. What on earth would I wear?”

“Oh, Mom”, Susan replied, “I’ll make sure you have a wonderful gown custom made by the best designer in New York”.

“Honey”, Mom complained, “you know I can’t eat those rich foods you and your friends like to eat”.

The president responded, “Don’t worry, Mom. The entire affair is going to be handled by the best caterer in New York and it will ee kosher all the way”.

After a moment’s pause, Susan added, “Mom, I really want you to come”.

So her Mom reluctantly agrees and in January 2025, Susan Goldberg was being sworn in as the new president of the United States of America.

In the front row sat the new president’s mother, who leaned over to a senator sitting next to her and whispered, “You see that woman over there with her hand on the Bible, becoming president of the United States?”

The senator whispered back, “Yes, I do Madam”.

Mom said proudly, “Her brother’s a doctor”.

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Image used under a Collective Commons licence from

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