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The Famous Lawyer

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: famous lawyer, who had been a public defender for years, suddenly dies.

He finds himself standing at the back of an enormous queue, which he realises if outside the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

The queue before him is enormous, it just seems to go on and on.

The number of people who die in a single day appalls him, he is flabbergasted by the length of this queue of people.

In fact the queue is so long, he can barely see St Peter sitting up on a podium outside the Pearly Gates with a large book in his hands.

Every now and then, St Peter glances down the queue to see how he is doing.

Suddenly, he catches the eye of the lawyer.

He looks very surprised.

He jumps down from the podium and comes running along the line, until slightly out of breath he arrives beside the lawyer.

He embraces him, which really surprises the lawyer.

St Peter then pulls him out of the line and motions for him to come to the front of the queue.

Another person questions what is happening and an angel comes over to speak to them.

Word is passed along the queue and the lawyer is surprised, as people start nodding and clapping.

He becomes embarrassed by all the attention and asks St Peter why he is getting the special treatment.

St Peter stops suddenly and looks concerned.

“You are a lawyer aren’t you?”, St Peter asks him.

“Yes” the lawyer replies. “Does this happen to all lawyers in heaven?”

“Oh, no,” said St Peter. “It’s just you are the first one to ever get here.”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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