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The Ex Alphabet

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Here’s a good one for you called “The Ex Alphabet“. Many of us have an ex, quite a few have more than one ex I am sure. I know I do, but that’s another story, enough for a book in it’s own right…

Ex’s can sometimes remain as friends, but more often than not they end up bitter and twisted and best avoided like the plague. I’m sure you know what I mean, if you have been in that position.

Anyhow, this is The Ex Alphabet and was obviously created by a really bitter woman whose partner definitely didn’t treat her right.

Thought you might get a kick out of this and as always please do share our posts if you enjoy them. There are sharing buttons on every page. Just a shame this doesn’t rhyme, but I guess bitterness doesn’t always lead to rhyming verse. Anyhow, enjoy…

  • A is for the automobile which he doesn’t own.
  • B is also for brain, which was located between his legs.
  • C is for the commitment that was never there.
  • D is for the dildo he didn’t know I had.
  • E is for ego. His was bigger than a hot air balloon.
  • F is for his faithfulness, as long as there wasn’t something or someone better to do.
  • G is also for the spot he could never find!
  • H is for laughter (HA! HA!) the last sound he heard from me as he was walking out the door.
  • I is for impotent which is what I told everyone he was.
  • J is for jugular, the one I’d love to sever.
  • K is for kinky, he always started without me.
  • L is for love in some cases, but exceptions have been made, L is for LOSER in this case, along with also LUSH and LITTLE DICK.
  • M is for MAN. Has anyone been able to find one? Have you ever met one? Do you know where any are?
  • N is for the narcotics. He drove me past alcohol.
  • O is for the orgasms he thought he made me have.
  • P is for PAYBACKS. Remember they are HELL!
  • Q is for queer. I sometimes wonder if he is.
  • R is for the hopeless romantic he said he was. He was half right. He was hopeless, not to mention worthless.
  • S is also for satisfied, which he rarely made me feel.
  • T is for typical. Typical little boy playing at being a man.
  • U is also for the ugly girl he is dating now.
  • V is for the voodoo doll I made of him.
  • W is for wife, the one he said he didn’t have.
  • X is what he is to me now…Ex X X X !!!!
  • Y is for WHY the hell did I ever get involved with him.
  • Z isn’t for anything, just like him, he wasn’t anything either.

I’m sure she could use a man to show her that we aren’t all like her ex, but if you were to take up the challenge, you could be in for a hard time.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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