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The Elderly Aunt’s Visit

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An elderly lady from a small village that was out in the boondocks went to visit her niece and her husband who lived in a house in a very fashionable suburb of a big city, close to a very well known golf course.

On the second afternoon of her visit, the elderly aunt thought that as it was a nice day, she would go for a stroll around the neighborhood.

When she returned, her young niece asked, “Well, Auntie, did you enjoy yourself on your walk around the neighborhood?”

“Oh, yes, indeed, I had a lovely time”, her Auntie said, with a beaming smile on her face.

The Aunt then continued with details of her walk…

“Before I had walked very far, I came to some beautiful rolling fields. There seemed to be a number of people about, mostly men. Some of them kept shouting at me in a very eccentric manner, but I took no notice”.

This last comment brought expressions of surprise from the young couple.

The aunt continued her story. “There were four men who followed me for some time, uttering curious excited barking sounds. Naturally, I ignored them, too”.

“Oh, by the way”, she added, as she held out her hands, “I found a number of these curious little round white balls, so I picked them all up and brought them home hoping you could explain what they’re all about”.

The young couple by this time had tears of laughter streaming down their cheeks.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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