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The Day After Christmas: Funny Christmas Pictures

The Day After Christmas: Copyright Tony Payne

The day after Christmas. That day when Santa Claus has finished his work for the year and it’s time for him to relax. Here are some funny pictures that feature Santa Claus unwinding after his warp speed trip around the world delivering presents.

The photograph above is one that I took the day after Christmas on Hollywood Beach in South Florida.

Seeing as how this fellow was aging, had a big belly and a long beard, he could definitely pass himself off as Santa Claus. Personally I think he was the real one, but I didn’t have the guts to ask.

Judging by the fact that he was wearing Speedos to the beach, I have a feeling that Santa Claus might be French Canadian.

How Santa Relaxes After Christmas

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

If I was Santa, having spent a few days at the beach catching the sun and relaxing, I think I would be quite happy to hop off on a nice cruise around the Caribbean or somewhere warm to continue my relaxation for a while longer.

All that humping of Christmas presents around, and climbing up and down chimneys across the world would have taken it’s toll, so the unlimited splendid food on board the cruise ship would no doubt help to restore Santa’s figure ready for next year.

How Santa Really Relaxes After Christmas Is Over

Image Source: Social Media

This has to be the best after Christmas Santa Claus picture of them all. If I was Santa Claus, I am pretty sure this is what I would be doing after all the deliveries were done.

I bet those boots really stink after having worn them for a solid 24 hours!

Me After Christmas Is Over

Image Source: Social Media

Sadly I think many of us end up feeling like this once Christmas is over. We are stuffed even more than the proverbial turkey, with cake, cookies, chocolates and nuts and more. Our clothes no longer fit and no wonder so many New Years Resolutions include a diet.

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

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