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The Cheapskate’s Wedding Day

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It doesn’t always pay to be a cheapskate, especially if it’s your wedding day and the pastor isn’t one to be taken for a ride.

There was this cheapskate who would always try and avoid paying his debts if he could.

After dating a young lady for some time the cheapskate and his girlfriend decided it was time to get married.

So, he went ahead with all the necessary plans and finally their big day came around.

On the day of the wedding, the young man still had to pay the pastor for performing the ceremony. However, the pastor, aware that this young man often tries to avoid paying his bills, had a plan.

The wedding ceremony proceeded as planned, the vows were exchanged and so on.

Then came the time for the groom to kiss his bride.

The pastor saw this as the perfect opportunity to ask the young man if he could be paid. He pulled the young man aside and asked him, “Can you please pay me?”

Not wanting to create a scene the young man asked the pastor, “How much do I owe you?”

The pastor thought quickly and replied, “Why don’t you pay me according to your wife’s beauty”.

The young man discretely pulled out five dollars and gave it to the pastor.

Although annoyed by this, the pastor continued with the ceremony and said to the cheapskate, “You may now kiss the bride”.

At this point the veil was lifted from the brides face, to allow the groom to kiss her.

As the groom was about to kiss his new bride, the pastor interrupted him and promptly handed him four dollars and fifty cents.

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