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The Blonde Decorator

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So, one day a blonde woman decided that she was sick and tired of all these blonde jokes and how all blondes are perceived as stupid.

She decided that it would be great if she could show her husband that blondes really are smart after all.

While her husband was out at work, she made up her mind that she was going to paint a couple of rooms in the house.

The next day, right after her husband left for work, she went shopping at the hardware store, where she purchased some tins of paint.

As soon as she returned home, she got down to the task at hand.

Her husband arrived home at 5:30 that evening and throughout the house there was the distinctive smell of paint.

He walked into the living room to find his wife lying on the floor in a pool of sweat.

He practically ran over to her to make sure she was alright, and that’s when he noticed that she was wearing a ski jacket and a fur coat at the same time.

He asked her if she was ok.

She replied yes.

He then asked what she was doing.

She replied that she wanted to prove to him that not all blonde women are dumb and she wanted to do it by painting the house.

He then asked her why she had a ski jacket over her fur coat.

She replied that she was reading the directions on the paint can and they said….


Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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