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The Birth Of My Newest Nephew

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I arrived home from work one evening to hear about the birth of my newest nephew.

Of course, one has to make the “ceremonial pilgrimage” to the hospital to “view” the baby (as if the mother needs to be entertaining relatives in between nursing, baths and post-partum exercises!).

So, we went to the hospital, and as we approached the nursery window, I could see that the nurse was undressing my new nephew to change his diaper and clean the clamp around the umbilical cord.

His precocious five year old sister asked if anyone knew what she was doing.

Naturally, she received several responses (none of which were to her satisfaction). Kids are like that at her age aren’t they. More likely to believe a fairy story than if you tell them the truth!

“You are all wrong”, she exclaimed confidently, convinced that she knew exactly what was happening. “That’s where they blew him up after mommy squeezed him out of her tummy!”

Well, as if anyone wasn’t already in stitches laughing, another youngster nearby had to pipe up and state, “No it’s not, that’s where they cut the bungee cord that stops the baby from flying out and hurting the doctor”.

I tell you, by the time we stopped laughing, we had tears streaming down our cheeks and our sides were hurting.

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