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The Bee Sting

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A husband and wife were playing a round of golf together, when the man’s wife was severely stung by a bee.

Now a bee sting can sometimes be really painful and this time was no exception and the man’s wife had got a very painful sting.

His wife was literally screaming in agony, so her husband ran quickly back to the clubhouse, to see if there was a doctor anywhere around.

It just so happened that a doctor was having lunch at the clubhouse, so the man went up to him and said, “Please come quickly Doctor! My wife has been stung by a bee”.

“Where was she stung?” the doctor asked as they walked at a fast pace over to where the man’s wife was sitting on the grass.

“Between the first and second holes”, her husband shouted back to the doctor.

“Wow”, the doctor replied, “your wife must have a very wide stance!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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