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The Bad News Or The Terrible News First

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A Republican senator had been called to his attorney’s office without warning, causing him to be really nervous all the while he was driving across town, as you might expect.

When he arrived at the office, the attorney said that he had some news for him.

His attorney advised him to sit down and then asked him, “Would you like the bad news or the terrible news first?”

The senator thought for a minute and then said “Why don’t you give me the bad news first”.

His attorney replied, “Very well. Your wife has found a picture that is worth a half-million dollars”.

“That’s the bad news?” asked the Senator appearing rather astonished. “If that’s the bad news, I can’t wait to hear the terrible news”.

The attorney responded, “Well, unfortunately, the terrible news is that the picture is of you and your secretary”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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