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The Anti British Catholic Priest

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Years ago in Ireland, there was a very anti British Catholic priest, who would let it be known in no uncertain terms exactly how he felt about the Brtish and he would tell his congregation every Sunday from the pulpit.

After a while, the priest became so notorious, that the Pope himself summoned him to Rome for an audience.

“Father”, the Pope said, “I want that there should be peace between the British and the Irish. You are not helping matters at all. I want you to kiss my ring and swear by the Blessed Virgin that you will never so much as mention the British in public again”.

“But Your Holiness, I – I – ” the priest stammered.

“No buts”, the Pope said. “Swear it here and now or there will be trouble!”

“Aye, Holy Father”, sighed the father. “All right. I swear it”.

Well, the very next Sunday just happened to be Easter Sunday and by that time the priest was back at his pulpit in Ireland, giving his annual Easter sermon.

He got to the part of the Easter story, where during The Last Supper, Jesus said, “And one of you shall betray Me”.

The priest continued with his sermon:

Saint Andrew jumped up and said, “Is it I Lord?” and Jesus replied, “Nay, Andy darlin’, it’s not you. Sit down now and dunna worry. Eat your supper”.

Then Saint John the Divine got up with tears in his eyes and cried, “Is it I Lord?” and Jesus replied, “Nay, Johnny me boy, it’s not you. Sit down now and dunna fret yourself. Eat your supper”.

Then that dirty dog Judas Iscariot slowww-ly rose to his feet. And he looked the Lord right in the eye and said, “Oh Blimey Govenor, ya can’t mean me!”

I trust you get the punchline, but if not, just try reading what Judas Iscariot said in a Cockney accent! Or if you still aren’t sure, like the voice of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins!

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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