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The Best Alamo Joke Of All Time

The Alamo

This has to be probably the best joke of all time about The Alamo and there have been quite a few Alamo jokes told over the years.

The 6th of March 1836 started off quietly, just like any other day at The Alamo Mission in San Antonio in Texas.

Davy Crockett woke up and rose from his bunk, which was in a room on the main floor of the fort.

He poured some water from the jug on his bedstand into a bowl, then splashed it over his face to help him to wake up and face the day.

He then walked up to the observation post that was situated along the west wall of the fort, as he usually did after getting up in the morning.

William B. Travis and Jim Bowie were already there at the observation post and they were all looking out over the top of the wall.

These three great men gazed in amazement at the hordes of Mexicans that they could see moving toward them.

With a puzzled look on his face, Davy Crockett turned to Jim Bowie and said: “Jim, are we having some landscaping done today?”

And the rest as they say, is history…

Some alternate punchlines, of which there are many…

Jim, I didn’t know we were laying concrete today.

Jim, did someone order a new roof?

There are some other jokes about The Alamo, mostly quickies:

Q: Why were there only 40,000 Mexicans at The Alamo?
A: Because they only had 4 trucks!
(there are a gazillion variations on this…)

Had Chuck Norris been present at the Battle of the Alamo, the southern border of Texas would be extended a few thousand miles to Guatemala.

Joking aside, a lot of people really don’t know a lot about the battle of The Alamo, and why it was significant.

In the 1830’s, Texas was at war with Mexico over lands which Mexico previously occupied and which Texans wanted to claim for themselves and their new state.

A few months prior to the battle, the Mexicans had been driven out of southern Texas, and a small garrison of only 100 men occupied the small Mission of The Alamo.

The Mexicans, keen to regain their former territory, marched north, and following a few minor skirmishes, arrived at The Alamo on March 6th.

The garrison had been reinforced by that time, however the total number in the Mission when the Mexicans attacked is estimated to only be about 250 Texans.

The Mexicans attacked twice, and were forced to retreat, however on their third attempt, they were successful, and the occupants of The Alamo were all killed in the final assault, including legendary figures Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie.

You can read more about The Battle Of The Alamo on Wikipedia and on the Official Site. There is also a really interesting article about The Legend of Davy Crockett and the Alamo.

(Image from used under a Collective Commons license)

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