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As the head of the Synagogue you would expect the Rabbi to be an honest and trustworthy cleric, but when it comes to jokes we know better. This is our collection of funny Rabbi jokes, we hope you enjoy them.

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Rabbi Levy

During a regular early morning temple service, Rabbi Levy couldn’t help noticing that 21 year old Benny was sitting at the back of the shul looking very sad. He had his head in his hands. So at a convenient moment, Rabbi Levy goes over to him and asks, “What’s wrong, […]

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The Perfectionist Rabbi

Rabbi Mordechai Schleppman was a perfectionist and he demanded the very best of his pupils. So, it was only to be expected that he would get furious when Little Sammy handed in a poor paper for his homework. “This is the worst Yiddish essay it has ever been my misfortune […]