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We have a number of jokes about pennies, with a penny being one of the lowest valued coins in some countries, but it’s also used in expressions like “A Penny For Your Thoughts”.

Using a public toilet is also often termed “Spending A Penny” because years ago (in the UK at least) you had to put a penny in the slot of the toilet door to get it to open.

Penny Pinching is also used to describe someone who is miserly and doesn’t like spending money.

So there you have it. This is our selection of penny jokes which we hope you enjoy.

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Nose Ring

I was hanging out in the park with a friend of mine, when we saw a woman walk past, with a nose ring attached to an earring by a chain. My friend stared as she walked past us, then said to me, “Wouldn’t the chain rip out every time she […]

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Investment Counselor

A successful investment counselor decided to go out on her own and set up her own financial counseling company. Since she was shrewd and diligent, the company became very popular, and business kept building up until she realized that she needed an an assistant counselor. So, she put out some […]