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Image used under a Collective Commons License from: is your stereotypical Irishman and this is a collection of funny Paddy jokes.

Paddy is slang for Patrick,  and referring to someone as “Paddy” loosely implies that the person is a yokel, more often than not drunk, as thick as two short planks, and a believer in God and miracles. You couldn’t wish for a better subject for some Irish jokes could you!

As well as Paddy, Irish jokes and stories often contain characters called Mick, Murphy, Sean or Liam, all common Irish names. When it comes to Paddy and Murphy jokes, we have one of the best collections around.

You can find more classic funny Irish jokes in our Murphy Jokes and Patrick Jokes collections.

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Sinead And Paddy

Sinead and Paddy have been married for a few years. But something has been troubling Sinead, and the time has come to get it off her mind. Sinead says, “Paddy, we’ve been married a long time now. You’re a good lookin man and all, and I think you’ve slept with […]

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Holy Water

Paddy was walking through the customs area at the airport, carrying a large bottle. “What have you there?” said a suspicious customs officer. “T’is Lourdes holy water. I am bringing it home with me”, said Paddy. The officer took the bottle, opened it and tried some. “Why it’s Irish whiskey”, […]