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Here’s a tribute to Murphy, a good old Irish name and one that is used frequently in Irish jokes. When you think of Irish names, it’s usually either Murphy, Paddy (Patrick) or Seamus that come to mind isn’t it. This is a collection of Irish jokes dedicated to good old Murphy.

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Irish Military Police

Murphy decided to join the Army as he had watched a recruitment video that made him want to be in the Irish Military Police. During a practical training exercise at the military police base, the instructor was giving the class instruction in unarmed self-defense. After he presented a number of […]

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Critically Ill

Murphy was critically ill and was admitted to the General Hospital one evening, being rushed straight to the coronary care unit. Time was of the essence, and so as soon as he was wheeled into the room and placed in bed, the scene became frenzied sea of activity. Nurses rushed […]