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Welcome to our collection of marriage jokes.

Whether marriage is a wonderful experience, the best in your life, whether it’s turned out as a means to make your life hell, or whether marriage for you has just turned out to be a big joke, we probably have a joke that you can identify with.

We hope you enjoy this marriage joke collection, and please do share them, especially on social media. Doesn’t everyone need a good laugh these days?

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Two Brooms Get Married

Two brooms were hanging in the closet, and after a while they got to know each other really well, so well in fact that they decided to get married. One broom was, of course, the bride broom, the other the groom broom. The bride broom looked very beautiful in her […]

The Surprise

Michael and Denise had only been married a few months when he came home from work to be greeted with “Honey, I have a surprise for you”. “Oh”, said Michael, “what’s that sweetheart?” “It’s great news”, Denise said, “very soon there will be three people living in this house instead […]