The Best Funny Limericks

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Image used under a Collective Commons Licence from: are short poems with a set format and we have some really funny Limericks here for you to enjoy.

Nobody really knows the origin of Limericks for sure, but we do know that they became popular after Edward Lear published a collection of them in his 1845 publication “The Book Of Nonsense”.

Edward Lear truly did write a lot of nonsense, but funny nonsense, including the well known “The Owl and the Pussycat”. You can learn more about these in The History Of Limericks.

Limericks are also named after the town of Limerick in Ireland. We also have some jokes about Limerick for you.

Image used under a Collective Commons Licence from:

Limericks And Poems For Saint Patricks Day

This is a collection of limericks and poems that were written to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. The collection is a tribute to some talented writers who used to contribute to Associated Content. This was a highly successful website with thousands of talented contributors, but sadly, Associated Content is no more. The […]