The Best Funny Kansas Jokes

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Well done, you found our collection of Kansas jokes. Kansas is one of those Midwest states that we instantly think of when someone mentions tornadoes or The Wizard of Oz, and unless you come from Kansas it’s well known for little else I guess.

But Kansas is typically Midwestern USA, and as such the topic of some excellent jokes. We hope you enjoy this collection.

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Freak Storm

An elderly couple were driving through Tornado Alley Kansas when a freak storm developed, almost out of nowhere. Suddenly, a tornado crossed the road right in front of them and lifted their car up in the air. They were thrown about for several seconds, before the car returned to Earth, […]

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Alternative USA State Slogans

We all know that the states in the USA have slogans, for example California has the slogan “The Golden State”, Arizona is known as “The Grand Canyon State”, Florida is “The Sunshine State” etc. Well, this is a list of alternative state slogans that you might find amusing and sadly […]