The Best Funny God Jokes

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Hands up if you enjoy God jokes! If you do then we have brought together a huge collection of the best God jokes right here for you to enjoy.

Which God exactly are we telling jokes about? Well all of them, or at least potentially all of them. It doesn’t matter which God (or Gods) you believe in, old or modern, or whether you are an atheist (like me), we have a joke for you.

If you can’t find enough God jokes here to satisfy you, we also have a category for Religious Jokes which has more than 100 of the best funny stories about religion.

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The Voice Of God

Have you ever thought you heard the voice of God talking to you? Well, one day a 70 year old woman was walking along the road when she heard a booming voice from above saying: “You will live to be 100!” She looked around in surprise, but couldn’t see anyone. […]