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A woman asks her husband if he would like some breakfast. “Bacon, eggs, perhaps some toast? Maybe a nice sectioned grapefruit and a cup of fresh coffee?” He declines, “It’s the Viagra,” he says, “it’s really taken the edge off my appetite.” At lunchtime she again asks if he would […]

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Hi-Tech Supermarket

My new neighborhood supermarket has been refurbished, and they have really gone all hi-tech. Now in the produce department, there is an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. To add to the customer experience, just before the water mister goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder […]

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Two Chickens

Two chickens were having an intense discussion one evening while sitting in their coop. “The farmer sells my eggs for a dollar a dozen”, says the first chicken. “That’s all?”, says the second chicken, “Why, he gets $1.10 for my eggs! And mine are much bigger than yours are.” The […]

Easter Eggs

This is a collection of funny Easter egg pictures, we hope you enjoy them. I bet you didn’t know that female Easter eggs got bitchy over their colour schemes… Love these South Park Easter eggs. Very clever. These must be the happiest Easter eggs on the planet. Brilliant! Can’t you […]