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There must be an enormous number of doctor jokes that have been told around the world, and we have a collection of some of the best for you. We probably have a lot of the oldest ones as well, so take a look and have a good laugh at what the doctor ordered.

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Sex Drive

An old man who is in his nineties goes to his doctor and asks him, “Please Doctor, I want my sex drive lowered”. “But Mr. Johnson”, the doctor replied, “you are in your nineties. Don’t you think that at your age your sex drive is all in your head?” “You’re […]

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Unscheduled Appointment

A Doctor recently had an elderly elderly gentleman come into his surgery one morning for an unscheduled appointment. Finding time in his busy schedule, the doctor called him into his office for a consultation. “What can I do for you today?” the Doctor asked. The elderly gentleman replied, “Doctor, I […]

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Pre-School Physical Examination

Timmy and his mother were in the doctor’s office for his pre-school physical examination. The receptionist, after completing his medical history form, asked him, “Timmy, when is your birthday?” “February 20th”, Timmy replied. “What year?”, the receptionist asked him. “Every year”, said Timmy, jumping up and down with joy.