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The sky is the limit when it comes to bank jokes isn’t it. A bank is a place where you can deposit or withdraw your money, where you can go to get a loan or overdraft, or to arrange a mortgage on your house. A bank is also a place that is likely to be robbed.

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The Bank Robbery

During a bank robbery, the robbers tied the bank cashier up and then gagged him after learning the combination to the safe. They then herded the other employees into a separate room under guard. After they finished emptying the safe and were about to leave, the cashier made desperate pleading […]

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Irish Independent Bank

Outside a small, independent bank in Kerry in Ireland, a crowd was gathering, all of them customers of the bank who were anxious about their finances. It was the time of the great depression and the world’s economies were in a state of shambles, with the value of their investments […]