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Lots of people live in apartments (or flats as we call them in the UK) and they are a common location for jokes and funny stories.

If you are looking for apartment jokes, we have a selection here for you to enjoy.

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Elderly Next Door Neighbour

A woman was becoming worried about her next door neighbour, who was an elderly widow, because she hadn’t heard anything from her apartment in a few days. Concerned about her neighbour, she said to her son, “Harry, would you go next door and see how old Mrs. Richardson is?” A […]

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Holy Man

There is an exclusive apartment building in Manhattan in which many United Nations representatives live, including a mysterious holy man from India, a mystic. A butcher, who had a flourishing business next to the apartment building, was constantly berated by the holy man for selling beef. Cattle, of course, are […]

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Last Wishes

Douglas Manson is dying. He is lying on his deathbed, knows that the end is near, and the time has come to make his last wishes known. His nurse, his wife, his daughter, and two sons, are with him. He beckons to his wife, who comes to his bedside, and […]