The Best Funny Antique Jokes

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An antique is something that is old and I guess much of the content of this site ought to be classified as antique jokes, since they are as old as the hills.

It’s funny you know, because only today I saw a joke posted that I hadn’t seen since I was a young lad, and it was most likely really old even back then.

Good jokes never die, they just age with the years.

So enjoy our collection of antique jokes, the ones in this category being about old collectable items rather than just about every joke on the site of course.

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Mangy Looking Cat

A famous art collector is walking through the city, when he notices a mangy looking cat who is lapping milk from a saucer in the doorway of a store. The art collector does a double take, when he recognizes that the saucer is extremely old. It’s a very valuable collectors […]

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Old Friends

Dianne and Marjorie were old friends. They had in fact they had been friends for many years and both of them have been married to their husbands for a very long time. One day, Dianne went to visit Marjorie and confided in her that she was upset because she thought […]