The Best Funny Air Conditioning Jokes

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It doesn’t matter where you go does it, the air conditioning never seems to work right. The place is either too hot, too cold, or it’s too drafty.

I don’t know if we are the first site to do this, but here is a collection of air conditioning jokes for you.

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How People In North America React To Changes In Temperature

Have you ever stopped to think about how people who live in different parts of North America react differently to different temperatures. For example, when I lived in South Florida, when the temperature dropped below the mid 70’s, I would be out in t-shirt, shorts and sandals, while native Floridians […]

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Blonde Cleaners

Two blonde girls were hired as cleaners in a big house in town. One day, while they were cleaning the house, the air conditioning broke down. It just happened to be a really hot day, and without the air conditioning to help keep the house cool, the temperature in the […]