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Successful Young Lawyer

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A successful young lawyer was on his way to the courthouse, to begin arguments on a complex lawsuit, when he suddenly found himself at the gates of Heaven.

He had no idea what was happening and was struggling to comprehend how just moments ago, or so it seemed, he was driving down the road on his way to the courthouse, but somehow in a bizarre twist of fate here he was at the gates to the next world.

As St. Peter started to escort him inside the pearly gates, the young lawyer began to protest that his untimely death had to be some sort of mistake. “I’m much too young to die! I’m only 35!”

St. Peter agreed that 35 did seem to be a bit young to die and to be entering the pearly gates, so he agreed to check on the man’s case.

After investigating, he told the young lawyer, “I’m afraid that there is no mistake my son”.

The lawyer protested, “What! Why? I don’t understand”.

St. Peter continued, “We verified your age on the basis of the number of hours that you have billed to your clients. According to that, you are at least 108 years old!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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