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There are various levels of stupid aren’t there. There is stupid, there is really stupid and then there is STUPID!

The “stupidest excuse in the world” bonehead award this year, goes to those people who gave Washington D.C. police the following excuses for their illegal parking:

“I saw the No Parking signs, but I didn’t park by one. I parked between them”.

“Why don’t they tell us where to park in driver’s education class?”

“I didn’t park in the handicapped space, I parked in the striped area between two handicapped spaces”.

“I shouldn’t have gotten this ticket because the meter enforcement officer is too old to be working”.

“I helped my friend into the airport with her bags and then came right back out. Besides, the car was attended by my dogs”.

“I parked in a yellow zone, but I left the window rolled down and the keys in the ignition, so I don’t think I should have gotten a ticket”.

I wonder if there were any politicians amongst them? I’m not sure if it’s just my perception either, but is the world getting more stupid every year?

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