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Southern Girls

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: southern girls were sitting on their front porch one evening, having a chat about life.

One of the girls had just arrived back from New York, and she was telling her girlfriend about some of the sites she had seen during her first trip to the big city.

In a heavy southern drawl, she says, “You know, they have women up there in the big city who have sex with other women”.

In a whispered voice, and visibly blushing, her friend replies, “Oh, my! What do they call them?”

“They call them lesbians”, the first girl replied.

She continued, “And there’s men in the big city who have sex with other men, they call them homosexuals”.

The second girl’s face goes a deeper shade of red on hearing this shocking news.

The first girl pauses, lowers her voice even more and says to her friend, “Also, they have these men up there that will put their face in a woman’s privates and kiss all around…”.

“Oh my, do tell!”gasps her friend, turning crimson. “What do they call them?”

“Heck if I know”, the first girl said, “I just patted him on the head and called him Precious“.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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