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Signs You Are The Reincarnation Of Someone Famous

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Have you ever felt that you might be the reincarnation of someone famous?

This is not something that is common, but you might be surprised to know that it’s not that uncommon either.

Could you be the reincarnation of someone famous? Here are a few signs that you just might be…

  • During a thunderstorm, you build a giant boat and start stealing your neighbor’s pets.
  • When the boss criticizes your work, you hack off your right ear and mail it to him.
  • Not only do you consider Yoko an artistic genius, you think she’s beautiful and has a lovely singing voice.
  • While working under the sink, you get this insatiable urge to paint a church ceiling.
  • You sell all your belongings and move into a barn with a guy named Wilbur in North Carolina.
  • You wake up during a thunder storm and go out to fly a kite.
  • Out of luck winos are bringing you jugs of water.
  • You are found writing down rules of the office on giant stone tablets.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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