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Shy With Girls

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Harry was always shy with girls and found it really hard to get a date, let alone a girlfriend.

One evening, he asked his best friend Christopher to go with him to a singles bar.

Christopher, who was a lot more experienced when it came to dating and girls, would hopefully help Harry in his quest for female companionship and maybe even female sexual companionship.

They sat at the bar for a while, and then Harry noticed that a “sweet young thing” in the room had noticed him and was making eye contact with him.

Since she was also a little shy, she could not just go up to him, but had to use gestures.

She winked at him and smiled.

“Christopher”, Harry said, “that girl over there is winking at me and smiling. What should I do?”

“Wink at her and smile back,” replied Christopher.

So Harry, as best as he could, winked back and smiled at her.

A few moments passed.

“Christopher”, said Harry, now getting rather excited. “She’s smiling at me and licking her lips. What do I do?”

“Smile back and lick your lips too”, was the reply.

So Harry, trying to appear cool and calm, smiled back and licked his lips.

A few more moments passed.

“Christopher!” exclaimed Harry. “My God. She bent over and showed me her tits. Now what do I do?”

“Show her your nuts”, Christopher calmly replied.

So Harry turned toward the girl, stuck his thumbs in his ears, and waving his fingers, stuck out his tongue, and wiggling it, exclaimed, “Bluble, bluble, bluble!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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