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Short Pigeon Jokes

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Just in case you were wondering, these short pigeon jokes are a collection of short jokes about pigeons not a collection of jokes about short pigeons. Pigeon legs are short enough already, they don’t need them any shorter!

We hope you enjoy this selection of one liners, puns and other bad jokes about pigeons. If you would like to share any others with us, please leave us a comment, there is a form at the end of this post.

I was debating putting this in the Bad Jokes category, as most of these pigeon jokes are so bad, but decided to stick it in the Animals category instead, so you can stumble on it by accident.

First Some Short Pigeon Jokes

What would you call a Chinese pigeon?
Ho Ming

Talking of homing pigeons, I must have the best homing pigeon in the world.
You know why? I sold it 25 times this month already.

How did the rich pigeon insult the poor pigeon?
He called it a pheasant.

You know when you go into a tunnel and call out, your voice echoes?
It doesn’t happen if a pigeon does it because acoustics (a coo sticks).

My little brother was arrested once for feeding pigeons at the zoo.
It’s true, he was arrested for feeding pigeons at the zoo.
Admittedly he was feeding them to the lions at the time, but…

My dear old Dad used to race pigeons in his spare time.
I don’t know why he did it, he was never fast enough to beat them.

How does a French pigeon say “Thank You”?
“Merci Boo Coo”

“Coo” Jokes

We all know pigeons make a “coo-ing” sound all the time, which leads us to some truly awful pigeon puns, especially as “coo” sounds like “coup” (an uprising or rebellion). The number of jokes about this must be endless, here are the best:

Why did the army arrest all the pigeons?
They were starting a coo.

What do Venezuela and a pigeon have in common?
Every 5 minutes, there is another coo (coup)

How do you know when the pigeons are planning an uprising?
They march around calling coup, coup, coup.

Why aren’t pigeons allowed to have an army?
They aren’t allowed because the risk of a coup is too high.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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