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Sexual Orientation

A young man who had some doubts over his sexual orientation, made an appointment with his doctor and asked him if there was a test to see to help him determine if he was gay or not.

He was relieved when the doctor said, “Yes, there is”, but a little dubious when the doctor continued, “Please pull down your pants”.

So, the young man pulled down his pants.

The doctor then grabbed hold of his testicles and told him to say 55.

The man said “55”.

The doctor then grabbed hold of his penis and told him to say 55.

Again the man responded with “55”.

The doctor then told the man to turn around and bend over.

He then proceded to lubricate his finger, which he then slid into the man’s anus.

Once again he asked the young man to say 55.

This time the young man starts, “1…2…3…”

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