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Secondhand Mercedes

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The O’Connell twins had bought a secondhand Mercedes car and were taking their friend Paddy for a spin in their new car.

As they sped down the street, Paddy called out from the back seat, “I say, boys, what’s that thing sticking up on the bonnet of the car?”

Seamus O’Connell, realising that Paddy meant the Mercedes logo, decided to have some fun with him.

“Oh that”, he said, “that’s a target isn’t it, Finbar?”

“Oh yes”, Finbar replied, “and a great target it is too”.

“Target?” Paddy said, “a target for what?”

“Well”, Finbar replied, “It helps to line up policemen who are crossing the road on pedestrian crossings!”

“Never!” spluttered Paddy in disbelief.

“It’s true”, said Seamus. “Just wait a minute and I’ll show you”.

Just then, a policeman started to cross the road ahead of them, so Seamus put his foot down and drove the car straight at him.

At the very last second, he flicked the wheel over and swerved round the constable.

“See what I mean?” he grinned, turning round to look at Paddy. “Good, eh?”

“No good at all”, said Paddy. “To be sure if I hadn’t opened the back door we wouldn’t have hit him at all!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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