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A Seasonal Joke For April

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As it’s April I thought you might enjoy a seasonal joke. I warn you in advance though, it’s a terrible one…

On his way to work a man had to swerve to avoid a cardboard box that had fallen off a truck right in front of him.

A State trooper saw him swerve like crazy and pulled him over for reckless driving.

Fortunately, another officer had seen the carton lying in the road, so he stopped traffic and recovered the box, which was found to contain large upholstery tacks.

“I’m sorry sir,” the first trooper told the driver, “but I am still going to have to write you a ticket.”

The man was amazed, since he wasn’t aware that he had done anything wrong, so he asked the State trooper for what reason he was going to have to write him a ticket.

The State trooper replied, “tacks evasion.”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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