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Santa’s Calf Skin Jacket

Santa Bedroom. Image Used Under A Collective Commons License from:

Have you heard about the time Santa Claus had his new calf skin jacket stolen?

I’m going to tell you in advance that this is a really terrible joke, a real groaner, but you are going to want to read it anyway aren’t you? Hopefully it’s so bad you will get a laugh out of it and feel the need to share this page with your friends as well.

Ok, so one night this guy broke into Santa’s home at the North Pole, went into Santa’s bedroom and started to rummage through his wardrobe while Santa lay there in bed fast asleep.

He saw this cool looking calf skin jacket hanging there and took it out of the wardrobe and as he did so, Santa Claus, hearing the rattling of coat hangers, started to wake up.

Santa saw the man in his room and shouted out, upon which the robber grabbed the jacket and ran off with it, going straight out of the bedroom and into the corridor leading to the toy workshop, where he bumped into one of Santa’s helpers, knocking him flying.

The man continued to run along the corridor and then stumbled through one of the emergency exits and out into the snow where he kept on running.

Santa’s helper, realising what had happened and knowing that this was his most precious jacket, picked himself up off the floor and started chasing after the robber as fast as he could run.

I guess you could say he ran like Elf for leather…

Terrible joke isn’t it, but it’s a Laughline original.

Image Used Under A Collective Commons License from:

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